Delivery across Lithuania

    You can order the goods from around the clock, at a time convenient for you, as well as on weekends. If you have any questions, you can contact our consultants on weekdays I-V 9:00-18:00, or write an e-mail to us at [email protected].

    You can collect the ordered goods in store, which you can find at J. Kubiliaus g. 23, 09108 Vilnius, Lithuania or choose delivery to your desired address. In the first case, delivery is free, in the second case, delivery is payable; the price is calculated in the shopping cart according to your ordered parts.

    By selecting the delivery to the address indicated, you undertake to accept the goods yourself. In the event that you cannot accept (collect) the goods and the goods are delivered to the address and accepted by another person specified by you, on the basis of the information provided by you by phone or e-mail, you assume all responsibility for the delivery of the goods personally and you do not have the right to make claims against for delivery of the goods.

    At the request of the employee or their authorized representative, a valid identity document (personal identity card, passport or a new model driver’s license) must be provided.

    At the time of delivery of the goods, be sure to check the condition of the consignment and the goods together with the employee or their authorized representative, and sign the transfer-acceptance document. After signing the consignment transfer-acceptance document, the consignment is considered to be in good condition, there are no damages to the goods, the cause of which is attributable to non-factory defects, and no discrepancies (that can be detected at the time of external inspection of the goods) are found in the goods. If you notice that the packaging of the presented consignment is damaged (wrinkled, wet or otherwise externally damaged), the good(s) are damaged and/or the goods are inadequately assembled, make sure to mark this in the document of transfer-acceptance of the consignment and, in the presence of the employee or their representative, write a free form statement of non-conformity of the consignment and/or the goods. If these actions are not performed, is exempt from liability against you due to damages of goods, if the cause of such violations is not factory defects and due to lack of conformity of the goods, if these discrepancies can be determined during the external inspection of the goods.

    There is a 25 EUR surcharge per consignment for delivery to Kuršių Nerija (the Curonian Spit) in addition to the standard price based on the weight of the consignment.

Restrictions on dimensions and weight of a consignment                               

Package length (C): min 16 cm, maks. 175 cm      
Package width (A): min 12 cm
Package dimensions: max. 300 cm = ((A+B) x 2) + C
Maximum weight per package of a consignment: 31,5 kg.

We will also deliver packages of larger sizes or weights (when parts such as windscreens, body parts, transmission, etc.) are sent, but they may be subject to higher than the estimated delivery fee agreed separately in contact with the buyer.


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