Why Buy Genuine Parts?

How do genuine car parts differ from aftermarket parts and why should you choose the former?

Here are 10 rules that you just have to know!

1. Genuine parts are those that are supplied for Volkswagen conveyor assembly lines in Germany.

2. When it comes to Volkswagen AG Group’s cars that are older than 5 years, many genuine parts are sold for as much as aftermarket parts, i.e. much cheaper than you’d think. Before purchasing an aftermarket part, you should look into the price of a genuine part sold by official Volkswagen representatives.

3. All genuine parts are tested and certified by the Volkswagen car plant. Volkswagen Group guarantees the quality and reliability of these spare parts. Genuine Volkswagen parts come with a 24 month warranty.

4. Genuine parts are only supplied by the official Volkswagen representatives, so they cannot be found on markets or shops (unless they are purchased from the official Volkswagen representatives and then resold).

5. The full range of genuine spare parts (tens of thousands of product names) is selected by the latest computer programs, so in our Volkswagen store you’ll quickly and easily purchase exactly what you need for your car.

6. A genuine spare part is perfectly suited for a specific car, so you’ll have no problems due to slight discrepancies of the part.

7. When purchasing an aftermarket or a used part, you risk not only your, but also your passengers’ lives, as driving safety is entirely dependent on certain parts of a car’s chassis or braking system. Such purchases only encourage manufacturers of counterfeit products who try to cover up the low quality of a product with an attractive price.

8. When purchasing a genuine Volkswagen part in our store, you’ll always receive advice from a qualified professional.

9. When turning in defective genuine replaceable units (a situation that Germans call “Austausch”), e.g.: gearboxes, engines, generators, engine control units, etc., you receive a 20-50 % discount as well as a 24 months warranty.

10. We have genuine parts for cars that are no longer in production. We guarantee the delivery of all parts for cars that are not older than 10 years.

Is it worth purchasing a genuine part?

Yes! There’s a significant difference between the price and the value of a spare part. The price of a part is a one-time expense. At first glance, it’s the deciding factor. However, when talking about the value of a part, it’s important to take into account its replacement time, the number of such replacements required, the price and the complexity of such replacements as well as time and money you spend. It’s no secret that aftermarket parts have a considerably shorter service life. Remember the proverb,„Buy cheap, buy twice”.

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